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“Old Bond Street” was the original name of one of the first cigarettes brand produced by Philip Morris. The history of this brand, much beloved by smokers, started in the year 1902. In 1902 Philip Morris, who is the founder of the "Philip Morris" enterprise purchased a store in London, on the Bond Street.

Later that year King Albert of Belgium, huge fan of cigarettes, manufactured by this company, has assigned the title of the Royal Tobacconist to this store. In course of time this label went through re-branding and different adjustments. And in the end of the 20th century, Bond cigarettes were produced in hard packs and in its manufacturing new tobacco mixtures started to be used.

Changes, introduced in the manufacturing process and in the contents of the cigarettes themselves, have greatly helped to widen the market as well as to attract new customers. In 2006 Philip Morris started the manufacturing of the new kind of elite cigarettes, called "Bond Street Special".

Despite the fact that the price of the new product was a bit higher, they started to gained popularity, as they were advertised as high class cigarettes, as opposed to the regular Bond cigarettes, on which was considerably lower.

Nowadays, one can find Bond cigarettes in all the major countries in the world. Unfortunately, this brand, loved by millions of smokers is unavailable in US and UK. It’s worth to mention that Bond cigarettes are quite strong and for example, Bond Classic cigarettes contain 11 mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine.

Therefore when you buy Bond cigarettes, you can be sure that you’ll get a full taste of this great brand. Due to the always changing demand there have currently appeared two new types of Bond cigarettes: Bond Street Silver Super Slims and Bond Street Gold Super Slims. These new brands were developed to please the amateurs of super slims type of cigarettes.

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